Disclaimer: as the TRYP token continues to be developed, please keep in mind that the information provided below is subject to change prior to launch.



TRYP will be a ERC-20 utility/governance token for the BYO Universe. Holders will be able to claim TRYP from staking Apostles & BYOLand pre-world launch. Post-world launch, holders will claim more rewards if they stake the TRYP token itself, interact with the BYOVERSE and reach milestones, win tournaments, and even through user-generated content initiatives.

Note: The BYOVERSE will be fueled by 2 tokens, TRYP being the capped supply utility/governance token, with the second token being an uncapped supply in-world currency token with its own faucet/sink mechanics to be released prior to the BYOVERSE launch


The ultimate goal with TRYP is to decentralize the ownership and governance of the BYOVERSE gradually over time by rewarding early holders & believers, and those that interact with the world post launch.

Total Supply

The total supply of $TRYP will never exceed 270,000,000 and will be unlocked over a predetermined schedule over a period of approximately 72 months from its launch (schedule still in development).


Rather then the typical public sale for the token, BYO Studios opted to reward holders by allowing them to claim $TRYP tokens via staking of their BYOLand and Apostles over a period of 6 months. 13% of the total TRYP supply, or 35,100,000 TRYP, will be allocated to holders during this period of time for FREE (see token allocation chart below)


NFT Drops

TRYP is an exchangeable token that will be used for future in-game item drops, with varying prices based on game item rarity.


TRYP can be used to upgrade and customize your Apostle with future attachments.


The TRYP tokens are required to participate in certain events in the BYOVERSE.


With TRYP you can craft & forge new items in the BYOVERSE that allows you to further immerse yourself in the Metaverse.

NFT Generation

Creating new NFTs, and many more added features in the future!