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The Vision 👁️

The Vision that we have as Pillagers, that BYOPills is something never seen before, a Team outperforming everything out there, in quality and pace. That The BYOVERSE will be the biggest Blockchain Game out there. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of players. The Groundbreaking Vision. Pioneers. They will teach about BYOPILLS in schools when they cover history of gaming and P2E rise.



  • I'm going to let you all in on a little secret...🤫🤫 @BYOPills is the most slept on project in the entire space. Team with grand plans that has followed through 100% AND outperformed every step. Check the app & avatar. This team will be comparable to @BoredApeYC.

  • Still my favorite promo video.

  • The BYOPill community is way too strong - you guys are amazing ❤️ The land sale is a huge win for all of us as we look to continuously develop the vision. Holders will always be rewarded and the community will always be our number 1 priority. That’s what makes web3 great.

  • Don’t sleep on land in the metaverse especially #BYOland #byopills

  • Bought a few rows of lands in @BYOPills. I spoke to the team a few months ago & just watched from the sidelines. All I see them do is build. Would be dumb to not go hard on this.

  • Community 🤝 Building 🤝 Team

  • How to install the right mindset to understand the @BYOPills project. Everything you need to know about the project before going into 2022. A thread.